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    Get your concrete patio ready for summer

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 4:32 AM

    Summer's almost here and that means you'll be utilising your outdoor area more than ever.

    Whether you use it for barbecues, outdoor dining or simply having a glass of wine by the pool, your outdoor patio is a natural hub for activity. That's why it's important to ensure it's clean and sparkling before you start inviting people round to help celebrate the sunny season.

    Cleaning your concrete regularly will help reduce the need to do a huge overhaul once it becomes noticeably dirty. Sometimes it's hard to tell when concrete needs cleaning as grime and dirt can build up very slowly.

    Concrete cleaning is easy when you use the right tools. Sweepers and scrubbers should be used periodically to avoid the buildup of grime, dirt and residue that can occur over time.

    Scrubbers use degreasers and detergents to remove fat, grime and oil buildup, whereas sweepers are dry-use machines that sweet and vacuum surfaces.

    You can hire integrated scrubber sweeper machines that can help you perform both jobs. These are specifically designed for outdoor cleaning and can keep concrete clean for three times longer than conventional scrubbing methods.

    The machine uses chemical free technology and can reduce water consumption by up to 70 per cent, which is great news for Aussie households as water supplies can get tight in the summer.

    There's also a side brush to achieve superior edge-cleaning results, scrubbing up to 155cm and sweeping up to 160cm. The pressure washer will blast those hard to reach areas clean, and liquefied petroleum gas power means you won't be waiting around waiting for the batter to recharge.

    Once you've cleaned the area and it's looking shiny and new again, it's time to think about outdoor furniture. If yours is looking tired, worn or dangerously old, consider replacing it. You don't want your sparkling clean patio ruined by shoddy furniture!

    Sun loungers are a great addition to any outdoor area, especially when paired with an outdoor umbrella to keep those UV-rays at bay.

    Finally, make sure your barbecue is clean and ready for action. It's a staple of the great Australian summer so clean off any residual grease and make sure you've got all the right tools (and sausages!) you'll need.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.