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    Getting on with your family DIY activities

    Published on 29 March 2016, Tuesday, 4:16 AM

    Family DIY is a fantastic way to involve everyone in an outdoor activity that is not only fun and inclusive, but gets the kids thinking about practical skills. It can help them to be away from their screens too - something that is quite rare in this digital age!

    Healthy Kids NSW suggests that family activities can be a great part of an active lifestyle, which involves having about an hour of moderate physical exercise every day. For some, that can be hard to fit around a busy lifestyle, but getting outside and giving the kids a fun task that also helps with a DIY project is a great solution. Kennards Hire is here to help.

    But what are some projects that kids will be excited to help out with? Well, check out the two examples below for some inspiration:

    1) A playhouse

    Too much screen time can affect the eyesight of growing kids, as well as their all-important social skills.

    Something that can be made simply with wood, and is the potential scene of many an imaginative game, an outdoor playhouse is an easy project that kids will be itching to complete. Even better, when the structure is finished, your wee ones will be playing around outside with their new construction and that's even more time away from devices and screens.

    Another report from Healthy Kids NSW states that too much screen time can affect the eyesight of growing kids, as well as their posture, sleep and all-important social skills. It's well worth encouraging them to be more active. To help out with your projects this Easter, a nine-inch circular saw from Kennards Hire, as well as a rotax sander, can help to make your building process much faster and smoother. While you won't want your kids using power tools just yet, you can give them jobs like hand-sanding a surface and tightening a few bolts.

    2) A simple see-saw

    The only materials you need for this basic piece of equipment is wood, some hose pipe for handles, and a tyre cut in half to act as a soft support for underneath the seats. Simple.

    The kids will be extra keen to help out with the building of their brand new toy - no need to yank them away from screens because they'll probably beat you to it! The same circular saw as above will help you to cut the wood to the right length, and the construction of the equipment itself is very intuitive.

    These are both simple projects that you can create this autumn, and it'd be a great thing to get done before the summer months. Kids need to be active all year round, after all.

    Get your kids outside with these two great DIY projects.Get your kids outside with these two great DIY projects.
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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.