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    Got dirty water that needs cleaning? Hire a trash pump

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 3:58 AM

    For some drainage jobs, you'll need a pump that's designed to handle a high level of solids, including anything from trash to debris from storms and even built up mud.

    Often you'll see these pumps used during storm recovery, or for draining dilapidated swimming pools that may have gone unused for long periods of time.

    For construction contractors, a trash pump should be a staple item, as it is one of the best ways to empty large puddles that may be littered with mud or debris from the project. Often, these machines will be made of heavy duty materials that can handle whatever hidden items may be waiting in the murky water.

    Kennards Hire has a number of trash pumps available for you to use on your next project. The 50mm option, for example, is a high performance, wet prime pump that is ideal for moving even the dirtiest water sources.

    Even fire services have been known to carry trash pumps so they can use them to fill their tankers from surrounding lakes and streams.

    There are a multitude of pumps for all kinds of activities available from Kennards Hire.

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    Nathan Mills
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