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    Gov’t advice: Garden landscaping against bushfires

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 3:51 AM

    Landscaping ideas usually involve both creative and practical concerns - to make sure that while also looking great, your flower garden, lawn or vegetable patch fills a functional role in the overall operation of your home.

    With the release of the federally published Landscaping For Bushfire: Garden Design And Plant Selection guide, homeowners can now plan herbaceous features that also protect against damage.

    Victorian deputy premier and minister for emergency services Peter Ryan officially launched the guide at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on Friday (March 30).

    "Even though all plants burn in severe bushfire conditions, greater understanding of vegetation, suitable plant choices and more practical garden layouts can help reduce the likelihood of losing a home," he said.

    The guide also details how adequate water supply, house construction and general property maintenance can come into play in the mitigation of bushfire damage.

    Mr Ryan said that although landscaping plans which consider the safest use of plants and trees could help in mild bushfire risk situations, on extreme and code red days getting out early is always the safest option.

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