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    Gov't skills package should focus on traditional trade training, says Skills Council

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 3:43 AM

    Skills For All Australians is a federal government scheme that aims to "skill more Australians and achieve a more competitive, dynamic economy", offering more funding for vocational and educational training (VET) services.

    And while the Skills Council - also known as EE-Oz Training Standards - is supporting the move toward the adjustment of frameworks which foster a more skilled workforce, it is also calling for the government to keep traditional trade training a top priority.

    EE-Oz Training Standards chief executive officer Bob Taylor said last week (April 13) that while increasing funding for higher-level qualifications will benefit key industries, certain occupations are experiencing a skills shortage and require support for apprenticeships.

    Mr Taylor mentioned the number of linesworkers and electricians as being particularly deficient and said that governments should remain aware of the potential risks involved with the shifting of responsibility for training funding from federal to state hands.

    "The fear amongst industry representatives is that some jurisdictions will use this arrangement to lower their own contribution to training, with potentially disastrous impact on Australian businesses over the long term," he explained.

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