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    Green DIY projects could save hundreds this year

    Published on 23 January 2019, Wednesday, 10:55 PM

    With energy bills tipped to rise from the beginning of the new tax year, it's understandable that homeowners might be keen to find ways to cut back on their electricity consumption.

    But there is a simple bathroom DIY project that you might also want to consider, according to one expert at the City of Sydney.

    "Installing a water-efficient showerhead could save you around $50 to $100 in water and energy costs every year," explained Tom Belsham, the local council's manager of sustainability programs.

    Experts from the local council and other representatives from the community will be onhand to show Sydneysiders about the different ways they can take action at home to benefit from lower bills on July 11 during a free workshop at Redfern Town Hall.

    Another option to consider, explained Belsham, is installing a solar hot water system, which could slash water heating bills in half. This, he explained, translates to a saving of "hundreds of dollars" in a single year.

    Other energy-efficient tips recommended by City of Sydney Council and consumer watchdog CHOICE include purchasing appliances with a higher energy star rating - the cost may be more at the outset, but they have the potential to offer long-term savings of thousands of dollars over a ten-year period.

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