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    Growing potted citrus plants

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 6:04 AM

    Citrus trees are usually associated with large sprawling backyards, however a number of smaller varieties are making it easier for keen green-thumbs with limited planting space to enjoy these plants as well.

    A lack of area can often put gardeners off growing their own citrus plants, but these days productive varieties can be grown straight out of pot on a balcony - scaling down the size of your garden DIY job, while still achieving results.

    For a lemon variety suitable for a pot, try Lots a Lemons or Dwarf Eureka. And if you're after a lime tree, a Dwarf Tahitian is the one for you.

    There are also combination citrus plants such as citrus splitzer, which is a multi-grafted tree growing both lemons and limes - perfect for planting in a large pot.

    For sweeter citrus varieties, why not experiment with mandarin, calamondin or cumquat plants?

    The one essential for citrus trees is sunlight, so if you are planting it in a pot on a balcony, make sure it gets maximum sunlight.

    When selecting the right pot for your citrus plant, it is important that it has a number of large drainage holes and it is lifted off the ground - you can place feet, or bricks underneath to elevate it.

    Water your citrus up to three times a week - it may require more in extremely hot and dry conditions. Give your plants a regular citrus food, and spray with a pest repellent to keep the nasties at bay.

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