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    Help road workers help you

    Published on 14 May 2019, Tuesday, 1:14 PM

    Road worker safety is an issue that has gained attention worldwide recently, with more focus being placed on ways to help keep traffic workers safe as they help to improve our roads.

    Just after Christmas of 2013, the Victorian Government put out a media release urging motorists to slow down and help look after road workers this summer. Contractors and VicRoads are taking advantage of warmer weather to carry out much-needed road repairs and upgrades, and drivers are requested to abide by reduced speed limits to help keep everyone safe in these areas.

    When approaching road workers in your car or other motor vehicle, the first thing to do is pay close attention to any traffic signs displayed in the area. These should inform drivers and pedestrians about the work contractors are performing, and advise safe speeds at which to pass the work.

    As well as reducing your speed, make sure you allow for plenty of room between your car and the workers. This will help to prevent any accidents and also reduce the amount of gravel and other debris that often gets flicked up when cars travel over loose terrain.

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    Nathan Mills
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