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    Home renovations: Cooling and heating

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 4:33 AM

    If you are currently carrying out renovations on your home, you may want to think about how you will go about cooling and heating different areas of your house.

    While many may use heat pump systems and air conditioners, there are a number of other heating and cooling options available that can help to save you money.

    You can help to minimise the need for 'artificial' heating and cooling appliances in your home, by carefully planning with your designer - if you have one - what goes where.

    The federal government and design and construction industry's Your Home initiative details how you can re-plan your home space to save energy.

    Try to face rooms in the 'optimal direction' as this can help to reduce on energy use as well as improve natural light and comfort.

    The north side of your home is likely to be warmer in the winter season, and is the best place for rooms that are used a lot during the daytime such as living areas.

    During the afternoon, the west side tends to get hot so put places you don't use often such as laundries, garages and bathrooms here.

    If you want to welcome the bright morning sun to your bedroom or kitchen, place these rooms on the east side of your house.

    The coolest part of your home is the south side and is great for bedrooms in warmer climates and for rooms that you are likely to use less.

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