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    How can I resurrect my floorboards?

    Published on 18 June 2014, Wednesday, 2:59 AM

    Is your house in desperate need of a new look? For those with wooden floors hidden under outdated carpet, this could be simpler than you think!

    Rather than replace flooring with brand-new, expensive carpet or tiling, an economic and trending option this year is wooden flooring. Reinvigorate yours to look fresh and new with these tips.

    Remove carpet

    Sometimes, this can be achieved at home on your own by simply removing the nails holding the carpet in place - these tend to be hammered into a thin piece of wooden framing. This should come away easily once you get started.

    If this proves to be a trickier process than you'd hoped, we do recommend hiring a professional. The last thing you want is to damage the floorboards beneath!


    Once the carpet has been removed, you can begin the sanding process. This will ensure the boards are even and in raw condition, ready for painting or staining. 

    During this time, you may also want to check for any loose nails and remove these immediately to avoid any injuries. This will help you to maintain an excellent aesthetic that even a professional wouldn't know you did yourself!


    This is the fun part! The floor is now your canvas and you can colour it however you please. For a more classic look, use glossy wood stain to transform this floor into rich mahogany or a deep chocolate. If you would like to be a little more experimental, paint it in all colours of the rainbow or keep it neutral with whites, creams or nudes.

    If the wood happens to be a gorgeous colour as is, cover it in a clear glossy coat to let its natural colours show through.

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    Nathan Mills
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