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    How do I paint a multi-striped wall?

    Published on 15 January 2019, Tuesday, 4:34 AM

    Many wallpaper effects can often be achieved through paint as well.

    With some preparation and the right steps to follow, looks such as multiple-striped walls can be made possible without the hassle of cutting and gluing wallpaper.

    To begin, mark the centre point on the largest wall and using that as a guide, mark the wall every 30.5 centimetres, continuing around the room.

    Apply painter's tape directly on the lines, masking off the ceiling, baseboard and window trim as well.

    Paint every second panel with the colour you'd like to feature predominantly in the room - the additional stripes will be used as accents later on.

    Once the first stripe has dried, it's time to apply painter’s tape in preparation for the second stripe.

    Line the inside of the unpainted panels with another row of tape, reducing the width of the area.

    Paint the thinner stripe in a contrasting colour, let dry and then remove the tape.

    You will notice that there are still two sets of panels left unpainted - one thick and one thin.

    Tape these off on both sides and use two accent colours to paint the remainder of the wall.

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