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    How to create a formal garden

    Published on 22 May 2014, Thursday, 11:09 PM

    Got a beautiful empty space simply crying out for some garden DIY? Why not consider creating a traditional formal garden? 

    Formal gardens never go out of style thanks to their simple lines that can help to create a romantic feel in your backyard area. Here are a few ideas to get that ball rolling.

    DIY paving

    Most formal settings are made up of linear lines, with these used to separate the different areas of your garden.

    While often small hedges are used to section your garden off, you may want to consider adding some paving to create a walking garden.

    Traditional paving materials may be best as they match this more formal style, so think brick, pebble pavers, concrete and bluestone. These provide the sense of order and tidiness you're looking for.

    Think simple

    Rather than creating big statements in the garden, it is better to select little accents such as quirky planters or urns.

    Choose simple designs in whites and other neutral shades.

    Repeat shapes

    Formal gardens are based around organisation and order. To maintain a balanced and cohesive setting, it is best to repeat the same accents, plant shapes and colours throughout the area, if possible.

    For example, low boxwood hedges can mimic the shape of the brick path that surrounds the garden.

    You could also consider mirrored plantings across the walkway or lawn, as symmetry can create a sense of calm as well as make a small lawn look bigger.

    Choose a focal point

    Many formal gardens are set up around a focal point, whether it be a particular plant, a piece of outdoor furniture or a giant fountain.

    While this is traditionally found in the centre of the garden, you could consider putting it at the edge, to create the impression of a larger space.

    If you don't already have a large tree, a wrought-iron bench or an arch with a trellis can make a stunning focal point in your garden, as can your patio or deck - it's really up to you!

    Plant with care

    When choosing flowers , it pays to consider your climate.

    While those shrubs may have looked spectacular in France, they may not grow as well Down Under.

    Native plants not only provide a unique look for your garden, but ensures they will thrive year round.

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    Nathan Mills
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