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    How to keep roadworkers safe

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 11:06 PM

    Whether you are fixing a pothole or simply placing some traffic signs up to advise drivers of new changes to the conditions, it is important to maintain safety when you are out and about.

    Here are some top tips to ensure you minimise the risks you open yourself up to by working on main roads and highways.

    Go hi-vis

    The number one way to ensure drivers can spot you and your equipment on the roads is by donning hi-vis or high visibility gear.

    Often this is bright yellow or orange to can signal your presence to others using the road. 

    Research from New Zealand's University of Waikato has found reflective gear is best used at night time as these stripes can impair conspicuity during daylight conditions.

    Researcher and Professor, Samuel Charlton found orange gear can be spotted more quickly than yellow, making this a top choice if you plan to do any hard work outside.

    Use traffic signs to your advantage

    In built up areas, traffic cones and other signs can be a great way to indicate to motorists that you are working on the roads and one way to ensure these remain effective is to regularly drive through the worksite.

    Keep an eye out and make sure that all signs remain in their correct position and are clearly viewable to the public.

    Use barriers and road signs to slow traffic down if the road is going down to one lane and make note of when these changes take place, such as when you need to reposition the barriers.

    Fix minor problems

    Constantly monitor the work site so that you are aware of any problems, even if they are minor so that you can more quickly and easily resolve them.

    Stay off the road for your smoko

    ​When personnel are taking their lunch and any other breaks, it is important to make sure they are kept well away from the road, as this can cause confustion to motorists and other road users.

    All road signs should be removed from the location if workers are moving off site, although remember that if there are any traffic hazards or the road has been limited to only one lane of traffic, you may want to ensure there is a traffic controller on the job at all times.

    Keep mobile plant away from traffic lanes

    In order to preempt any accidents, it is important to make sure you remove any potential hazards from the road, including your mobile plant.

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