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    How to keep that paint job looking fresher for longer

    Published on 15 February 2019, Friday, 12:47 AM

    Redecorating your home with a fresh paint job can be a great way to make your home look good as new, but how long can you expect it to last?

    Paint durability lies within the 'binding' in the paint. For glossy paints, you'll usually get a thick layer that protects the colour and integrity, but for 'flat' paints, the binder is thinner and therefore can wear away much more quickly.

    UV light, water and oxygen all work individually and often together to work away at paint binders. The rate at which this occurs will depend on the area you are in, with dry climates and humid areas reacting differently.

    Once the binder wears away, the paint undergoes a process called 'chalking', but there are measures you can take to prevent this.

    A layer of glaze over your paint works like a top coat on a manicure or a clearcoat on a car, significantly lengthening the lifetime of the paint job underneath.

    If you're looking at painting a house and want to ensure you won't have to do it again for a seriously long time, Kennards hire has all the trestles, ladders and paint removal tools you'll need.

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