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    How to Lay Turf Part 1: Soil Preparation

    Published on 29 August 2019, Thursday, 7:45 PM

    Ah summer! That time of year where you dust off the barbie and get a few mates to come over for a backyard barbeque.  That is unless your lawn is so unsightly and full of burrs you can’t stand to look at it or even play a game of cricket on it.  It’s then time to get the work boots on and lay new turf.  In the two –part post, we’ll take you through the steps to take to lay new turf.  Laying turf isn’t a hard job, but it does take a few days from start to finish, so be sure you have time to do the entire job.


    You’ll need the following equipment to get your soil turf ready:

    • Rotary hoe to prepare the soil
    • Mini loader to add soil to low points and to ad turf underlay to the area
    • Lawn roller to smooth out the surface
    • Easy level rake to level out the soil

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    Nathan Mills
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