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    How to prune your trees

    Published on 29 June 2014, Sunday, 9:47 PM

    Have your trees grown to dangerous heights?

    It might be time to consider hiring a cherry picker and trimming the tops of your trees and pruning your shrubs.

    Below are some tips to help you with your garden DIY, protect your power lines and make your property look spick and span.

    Choose your time wisely

    It is best to prune when trees are at their most active. This is generally in the spring or autumn months.

    It is best to avoid trimming in the peak of summer, however, this can depend on your reasons for trimming. For example, if you're removing diseased or storm-damaged branches, it probably doesn't matter what time of year you plan on pruning!

    If you are thinning the crown to better allow for new growth, or shaping a tree for design purposes, it is best to choose your time of year wisely.

    Keep it straight

    It can be easier to maintain a straight line when you are in a cherry picker, as you are in a better position to see the top of the tree.

    Protect the trunk

    When you remove branches from your tree, it is important to make sure the stem or trunk of the tree is left alone so the tree can flourish.

    You should make all cuts from the branch side of the stem collar as this is a safer way to trim.

    Don't overprune

    If you are not sure how much of your tree to cut, opt to trim as little as possible.

    Pruning can create extra stress on a tree and increase the chances of it becoming vulnerable to disease and insects.

    Make sure you prune no more than 25 per cent of the crown and ensure living branches make up at least two thirds of the height of the tree, according to This will keep your tree healthy.

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