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    How to save on your air conditioner bill

    Published on 13 June 2014, Friday, 3:44 AM

    It's no secret that the cold is well and truly settling in, and it can be all too tempting to have the heated air conditioner blasting all through the day but unfortunately, the bill at the end of the month can make this very difficult to justify. Here are a few tips to keep your office warm this winter, without spending hundreds of dollars on heating!

    1. Keep vents clear

    Desks, chairs and other pieces of furniture can obstruct the flow of air vents causing heating units to run inefficiently. Ensure all vents are free from covers and allow heat to move freely about the room.

    2. Use curtains

    If possible, keep curtains on the south of the office closed during the day. This will help to keep the area insulated, and the prevent the warm air escaping immediately out of the windows!

    3. Hire a new model

    By hiring a new energy efficient model from Kennards, not only will you save money during the months that you use it but you aren't wasting time, space and energy having one in your office when you don't need it! Air conditioner installation is made easy with us, and we are happy to give you advice as to which is best for you.

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    Nathan Mills
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