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    Improving energy efficiency in heritage houses

    Published on 14 February 2019, Thursday, 12:35 AM

    If you're currently renovating the bathroom, you might be thinking of ways that you can make it much more energy and water efficient.

    Having a house with energy and water efficient features can help to save you more money on bills and creates better outcomes for the environment.

    Victoria's Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) created guidance sheets on how homeowners can reduce environmental impacts and improve energy efficiency in their homes.

    This doesn't only apply to contemporary homes though, with guidance sheets provided also for heritage homes such as postwar houses, bungalows, interwar house, Edwardian house and Victorian houses.

    The seven guidance sheets examine a range of heritage house styles typically found in Victoria, identifying heritage features of these selected building types.

    "If energy efficiency measures are implemented in a typical Victorian terrace, savings of up to $520 per year can be made and heating and cooling needs reduced by 57 per cent," said Planning minister Matthew Guy.

    "Homeowners now have greater clarity on the costs and savings associated with energy saving interventions such as ceiling insulation, underfloor insulation, thermal curtains and draught sealing."

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