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    Info for road closures in Victoria - when and where!

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 3:05 AM

    Roads can be a tradesperson's best friend or worst enemy - providing a transport route to, from and between worksites, yet sometimes causing delays and frustration.

    Tradies who are out on the road, day-to-day, attending to client visits, site inspections or equipment pick-ups and deliveries will be well aware of the effect that weather can have on the smooth flow of traffic - and the timing of departure and arrivals at jobs.

    Not to mention the all-important homeward journey!

    With this in mind the Victorian government is reminding road users about the VicRoads application - an online tool that provides real-time, updated information about all things road-access related.

    The reminder comes after heavy rains on February 26, which caused 300 local and arterial roads to close, up to two weeks after the event.

    Now with the winter weather well on the way, the state's roads minister Terry Mulder is urging road users to stay updated and make use of mobile devices like smartphones which can also access the VicRoads application.

    "It is the most accurate resource available for people to check the status of road access. I strongly encourage all motorists to use it, particularly at times when floodwaters may render routes impassable or unsafe," he stated.

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    Nathan Mills
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