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    Is your roof ready for solar panels?

    Published on 21 May 2014, Wednesday, 9:36 PM

    Photovoltaic technology (PV) or solar panels is a way to harness the power of the sun in order to provide a much-needed boost of electricity in the home.

    However, before installing these items, you must determine whether your roof is in the right condition for them to work effectively.

    You may need to hire a cherry picker to climb up and take a look at your roof - here are some questions the solar panel installers might ask.

    How big is your roof?

    You might need to get some specific tools in order to measure your roof space or a simple tape measure might be enough to do the job.

    However, it is important you know how big your roof is so that you can determine whether you will be able to install PV panels.

    You will also need to determine the shape and slope of your rood

    What is its orientation?

    The direction in which way your roof points can have a huge influence on the amount of power that is able to be generated by your solar panel system.

    In the southern hemisphere, your solar panels will be able to generate more power if they face north.

    Is there any shading?

    If your roof is oriented in the right direction, you may be on the right track for optimal solar panels.

    However, there might be trees or other objects in the way that could prevent the sun from hitting your panels.

    Even if there are only tiny saplings present, it is important to prepare for them to grow. Solar panels have a long lifespan and are often known to last up to 20 years without incident.

    How old is your roof?

    With solar panels lasting a long time, it is worth having a look at your roof to determine how old it is.

    It can be costly to have to pull off and then replace solar panels to fit a new roof. If you think you may need a roof in the not-too-distant future, it might be worth waiting so you can replace both at the same time.

    However, if your roof is relatively new, you will be able to install these panels with no troubles.

    Is your electrical side up to scratch?

    In order to install a solar panel, you will need to ensure your home's electrical system can handle the workload.

    Older switchboards may not be compatible for solar panels, which require two spaces for solar breakers.

    Often an electrician will be able to upgrade this without any major hassles, but you may need to check with a professional first.

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