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    Jackhammers - what are they good for?

    Published on 5 May 2016, Thursday, 8:34 PM

    If you have some tricky garden DIY projects that are on the horizon (and let's face it, we all do), then Kennards Hire has the right equipment for you. Take removal of concrete, for example. It could be a big slab that you don't want to have in the way of your planting plans, or just some pavers that are too heavy to move on their own. It could even be that you're removing plaster from the exterior of your home to make way for a fresh new look.

    Jackhammers and breakers are the solution to this - there's no point in going out and buying your own gear to use once in a blue moon. Don't put those frustrating tasks off any longer, and make the most of the sun before winter hits!

    What can you use a jackhammer for?

    Jackhammers are heavy and powerful, so the utmost care must be taken when using them.

    Jackhammers are incredibly useful pieces of kit. However, they are heavy and powerful, so the utmost care must be taken when using them by yourself.

    SafeWork Australia outlines that hand-arm vibration (HAV) injuries can occur when using this type of equipment, and the issue can be caused by poor insulation, increased tool weight, more gripping area on the hands and the hardness of material being hammered.

    To avoid HAV injuries, it's important that you always take care and think about the best way to approach a project. Concrete Network states that the amount of work required to complete a breaking of concrete depends on the material being demolished, the size of the hammer itself and how much steel is being used to reinforce the area.

    The more intense petrol-powered breaker is fantastic for an increased need of portability and when more power is needed to break thicker materials. For smaller jobs, the much more lightweight and manoeuvrable 10-kilogram electric breaker can be pushed around with ease, and won't cause as much discomfort over longer periods of use. Getting it up higher is one obvious use, as is using it for slightly more delicate areas that you don't want to completely rip up.

    Using an electric breaker is suitable for projects such as medium-sized concrete demolition and lifting clay or bitumen. That old basketball court you installed all those years ago that's now in the way of your garden beds will be gone before you know it.

    Does your outdoor court need to go?Does your outdoor court need to go?

    There are plenty more ideas that you might have for why you should be using a jackhammer - and they're all probably very valid! Just get in touch with Kennards Hire to see what options it has for your demolitions projects.

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