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    Jobs to get done over the weekend

    Published on 12 April 2016, Tuesday, 9:32 PM

    We've recently read all about the right sort of garden care to get out of the way through the autumnal months; however, there are so many more things that you should get done before the cooler winter months, and even before summer comes around again.

    Getting your plumbing in the right place, the leaves out of the gutters and gardens clean and tidy will mean you don't have to stand out in the rain when June hits. You'll also have hot showers and great water pressure to boot.

    What are some jobs that you can get done this weekend?

    Gutters galore

    Installing gutter guards could be your most important piece of garden DIY.

    Gutters are installed on your home to ensure that water doesn't pool on the roof and get into the foundations and walls of your property to cause damage. That's why it's so important to keep them clear, water flowing away from your roof and down into a drain. This becomes much more difficult in the autumn because of falling leaves, but there are a few easy ways you can make this job a one-day-only gig. It could be your most important piece of garden DIY.

    Clearing the leaves and other debris is the first step, and that makes room for gutter guards of various designs. No matter which option you decide on, make sure that wherever you install it is already cleared of leaves. After all, the idea is to keep the leaves out, not jam them in forever! You can make reaching your gutters easier by using a 5.5-metre extension ladder.

    Lawns need to breathe

    Falling leaves from trees and gutters have to end up somewhere, and more often than not, they'll find their way onto your lawn.

    When these dead leaves are on your well-manicured lawns, they don't allow sunlight to get through and feed the growth - this can cause brown patches to start showing and the beautiful aesthetic in your garden will be lost. The easiest way to get rid of these is with a petrol lawn vacuum. Another way that lawns can lose their lustre is due to overhanging branches and trees that cause shade. Pruning these back with a 300-millimetre electric chainsaw while you don't have to wait for a rain-free weekend is a fantastic opportunity to ensure the health of your grass is maintained over the colder months.

    Are you going to keep your grass inviting for the summer?Are you going to keep your grass inviting for the summer?

    Increasing the height of your mowing is also highly recommended by The Lawn Guide, so that the harsher weather doesn't affect the grass too much - a lawn mower from Kennards can help you here.

    Weeds are yet another hassle that comes with enhancing the outdoor style of your property by laying lawn, but a knapsack sprayer can make killing weeds and other unwanted flora a quick job. Simply load up your chosen product and fire away.

    Healthy plumbing is more important than you think

    If your shower, sinks or bath drains slowly; if the hot water takes forever to reach not-freezing temperatures; if the odd leak springs up here and there, you probably need to take a look at your plumbing.

    Kennards Hire can make these jobs simple, although for the trickier fixes, it will pay to call in a professional.

    Easily get rid of these types of blockages - it'll remove your plumbing hassles.Easily get rid of these types of blockages - it'll remove your plumbing hassles.

    Take an electric eel for example. Simply feed this into your blocked drain and let the rotating cutting tools clear the way for your used water. Got a dodgy pipe that might be causing a leak or lack of hot water pressure? Get on top of that and tighten it with a 600-millimetre pipe wrench - sometimes renovating the bathroom doesn't change the appearance, but these jobs are just as important.

    Talk to your trusty team at a local Kennards Hire today and find out more about why maintenance before winter is a great idea.

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