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    Keep out garden pests

    Published on 17 January 2019, Thursday, 11:09 PM

    With summer in full swing, gardeners right up and down the country are getting excited about reaping the fruits of their labour - which is why nothing is more disappointing than damaged produce from pesky pests.

    Rats, possums and birds can all wreak havoc on a green space, which is why gardeners need to take important proactive measures to keep their crops safe.

    Adelaide Now's Jon Lamb recommends that if birds are the culprit in your garden, the best way to keep them out is with netting, as this provides a physical barrier between your precious plants and skyward predators.

    If you grow fruit on trees, you might find that possums pose a problem - unless you take savvy garden DIY steps to deter them.

    Large collars placed around the base of fruit trees can block possums' access to your fruit, while establishing an alternative source of food - for example, placing ripe fruit elsewhere to distract the possums while yours ripens - can keep them away.

    In NSW, the government recommends that encouraging a brush-tailed possum to claim its territory in your yard may be a wise idea - as this can keep other possums out!

    Rather than feed your new furry friend, this possum should instead be enticed to stay around by providing it with a special shelter that may allow it to escape from other people or dogs.

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    Nathan Mills
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