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    Kennards For Kids partners with Variety to help disadvantaged children

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 1:14 AM

    Thousands of sick, disadvantaged children across the country will receive much-needed support from Kennards Hire this spring as the company launches its annual Kennards For Kids campaign.

    Kennards Hire is devoted to assisting Australian children, supporting organisations like Variety the Children’s Charity to make a difference in the lives of our young ones.

    This not-for-profit organisation puts a smile on the face of disadvantaged, sick and special needs children each year by running a number of programs to improve their health, wellbeing and happiness.

    Supporting Variety the Children’s Charity through the Kennards For Kids campaign helps the organisation continue its commendable work countrywide - providing children $1 million a month in vital assistance.

    While the organisation helps thousands of children each year - making positive contributions to Australian communities every day - there are always more sick youngsters who are in need of assistance.

    Organisations like Kennards Hire help Variety the Children’s Charity continue expanding their services - helping some of the cerebral palsy sufferers who are born every 18 hours in Australia.

    The charity is also dedicated to helping indigenous children who have a devastatingly high mortality rate - three times higher than non-aboriginal youngsters.

    Variety the Children’s Charity fills vital gaps in medical services and provisions that government funding is unable to cover.

    The organisation helps give mobility to those in need by providing essential equipment, as well as medical assistance and supporting artistic, sporting and education programs - enhancing the life experiences of children.

    Empowering all children to live, laugh and learn is a priority for the Variety the Childrens' Charity - helping sick and disadvantaged youngsters to overcome their illness and disability to reach their full potential, allowing them to interact in the community like they should - as children.

    Achieving independence is vital for disadvantaged children, and Variety assist with this by helping youngsters gain mobility and freedom, which in turn boosts self-esteem.

    With so many children across the country in urgent help of vital services and help, Variety the Children’s Charity is always looking to expand its role in helping disadvantaged children.

    Kennards for Kids currently provide support to Variety the Children’s Charity in Victoria and South Australia.

    "Variety – the Children’s Charity in Victoria is excited to partner with an organisation like Kennards’ enabling Variety to help more children with special needs. Fundraising activity like the Kennards for Kids program enables organisations to provide vital assistance and Variety welcomes Kennards’ generous support," Variety the Children’s Charity Victoria general manager Rod Dalglish said.

    "Variety the Children’s Charity SA is proud to work with organisations like Kennards in tailoring fundraising initiatives like Kennards for Kids that work in alignment to their business. Kennards for Kids is a great example of a partnership which delivered a win for all, especially children in need," Variety the Children’s Charity South Australia CEO Nigel Smart said.

    You can help Kennards provide continued support to kid's charities like Variety the Children’s Charity across the nation just by hiring from us this September & October.

    For more information or to offer direct support to Variety the Children's Charity head to their website at or become a fan on Facebook at

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