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    Kennards Hire is booming about PORTABOOM®

    Published on 29 November 2017, Wednesday, 11:30 AM

    Kennards Hire has added PORTABOOM® to its product range, giving its customers across a broad range of industries exclusive hire access to this exciting new technology. PORTABOOM® is a patented, portable boom gate operated by remote control, and specifically designed for all temporary traffic control scenarios to replace current unsafe stop/slow methods.

    Troy Clauss, Manager Traffic Products at Kennards Hire said the addition of PORTABOOM® to its stable of traffic management products is directly in line with the company’s commitment to safety and innovation. 

    “Portaboom has transformed traffic management making it significantly safer. Our customers in traffic control, construction and event management as well as our local governments and infrastructure customers, now have access to much safer traffic management practices. It’s been great to work with Traffic & Access Solutions to help deploy this industry changing technology on as many worksites as possible throughout Australia and New Zealand.”

    “Not to mention, hiring through the Kennards Hire network, customers will also have complete access to PORTABOOM®’s safe operating procedure training and tools designed to help seamlessly integrate PORTABOOM® into their operations,” Clauss continued. 

    PORTABOOM® is exclusively available to hire from selected Kennards Hire branches. Contact your local branch for further information or visit {{config path="web/unsecure/base_url"}}

    About PORTABOOM®

    PORTABOOM® provides a safe work environment for the general public, private vehicles, workers, plant and machinery. Operated by remote control from a safe zone, PORTABOOM® removes people from the direct line of traffic. When compared with stop/slow methods and temporary traffic signals, PORTABOOM® is superior in its safety offering due to the physical barrier being in place to protect worksites.

    There are many other safe and cost efficient applications for PORTABOOM® in different industries including:

    Traffic Control:

    • Road & Lane Closures
    • Motorway and Tunnel Closures 


    Building & Construction:

    • Access Control to Building Sites
    • Pedestrian Management


    Rail Industry:

    • Gate Control
    • Work within Rail Corridor


    Event Management & Security:

    • Security Check Points for Events
    • Temporary Parking & Access Management


    Warehousing / Logistics


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