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    Kennards Hire joins forces with The Smith Family charity

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 3:53 AM

    Education is vital for the development of society's most precious members - our children - and this spring Kennards Hire is partnering with The Smith Family's Tertiary Scholarship Program to give children the best opportunities in life.

    Kennards Hire is dedicated to giving disadvantaged and sick children a helping hand, joining forces with charities across the country to help improve the lives of our young ones.

    As part of this year's annual Kennards For Kids campaign, the family-owned company is helping The Smith Family expand its commendable work - creating more opportunities for young Australians through education.

    The Smith Family is an independent children's charity dedicated to assisting disadvantaged Australian kids make a better future for themselves through learning.

    While the majority of our children are privileged enough to enjoy high quality educational, health and life opportunities, there are hundreds of thousands who don't, and the impact on these youngsters can be lifelong.

    Education is imperative for the development of children and The Smith Family is devoted to using it as a tool and resource to change lives. Giving all young children the same learning opportunities is vital in breaking the cycle of disadvantage - giving kids the support to succeed and reach their potential.

    The power and possibilities of relationships is one of the key beliefs behind The Smith Family's work, striving to ensure children are connected to and supported by an extended family and network despite their circumstances.

    Helping Australians in 97 communities, The Smith Family's Learning for Life program provides support for disadvantaged children and young people during all stages of their education, from pre-school, primary and senior school, as well as tertiary studies.

    Disadvantaged young people are underrepresented in Australia’s universities; and, financial barriers are an important part of the problem. 

    One of The Smith Family’s key outcomes is to increase the percentage of young people engaged in further study or work after leaving school.

    The Kennards For Program is currently sponsoring 20 tertiary students, with four students sponsored in each state - NSW, QLD, VIC, and SA.

    “Most of these students are the first in their family to attend university, and so the generous support from Kennards for Kids campaign is directly helping us to break the cycle of disadvantage,” Judy Tanna, major donor relationship manager for The Smith Family, said. 

    Providing vital support gives young Australians the resources they need to develop and build on essential life skills and remain engaged in their education, which in turn helps young people reach their potential as adults.

    The Learning for Life program helps connect and engage young people and children with learning opportunities in their area, as well as enabling them access to The Smith Family's own literacy and mentoring support schemes. The program also provides financial assistance for financially disadvantaged families to help fund essential education for children.

    While the program aims to improve the life of young people and children, the wider family also benefits from the initiative, with vital support, relationship development and education opportunities for themselves.

    The Smith Family's extensive work with young Australians is made possible through the help of organisations like Kennards Hire.

    This spring you can help Kennards continue supporting Aussie children by hiring from us this September and October, with $1 from every hire contract donated to charities like The Smith Family.

    For more information, or to offer direct support to The Smith Family, visit their website at or become a fan on Facebook at

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