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    Kennards Hire Lift and Shift Mobile Glass Machine is a clear favourite

    Published on 26 July 2016, Tuesday, 6:15 PM

    In the Southern Suburbs of Cairns set on the hillside overlooking the city, Scott Small, Manager of AGA Fencing, and his team didn’t have time to admire the sweeping views. To overcome the challenge of installing a floor to ceiling glass wall in the kitchen and living area of the two storey home, Scott hired a 350kg mobile glass machine  from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift. 

    “The glass panels and mobile glass machine from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift were lifted on site up to the second storey by a Franna crane,” explained Scott. “The nine double glazed panels for the glass wall were 2.1 metres high x 1.18 metres wide and 12mm thick. Each weighed approximately 220 kilograms,” he said.

    This is the first of this type of project undertaken by AGA Fencing. The area had a suspended ceiling so tight tolerances needed to be taken into consideration for the wind loads. Once all the aluminium extrusion channels were installed, Scott was able to measure and order in the glass panels to size.


    Scott said the 350kg mobile glass machine was an invaluable tool for this project as he was able to make adjustments to ensure each panel was precisely located and held securely. “It has a good range of movement, was simple to operate and was easily manoeuvred in the tight and enclosed work area, which added significantly to site safety.”

    Site safety is a huge factor when heavy material lifting is involved. Utilising the 350kg mobile glass lifting machine means that the job becomes a two-man operation, opposed to having multiple people involved in lifting and securing the job. In turn, this reduces the margin for error. The glass lifter also eliminates the risk of accidents or injury which is always a concern when moving large and awkward materials by hand. Utilising a glass lifter also meets the recommendations set by ASTM International in relation to the safe handling of glass from an OH&S standpoint. 

    Powered by a rechargeable high capacity battery system the, 350kg mobile glass machine features an extra-long battery life to enable extensive use, side shift and lift for tilting and responsive hydraulic lifting mechanism with precision controls.

    AGA Fencing was established to cater to the ever expanding need for quality aluminium and glass balustrading and fencing in the Cairns area. The scope of works completed by AGA Fencing includes inspections and full installation services for glass and aluminium fencing for pools, and balustrades for residential properties.

    “When undertaking projects with heavy panels of glass, it’s a real bonus for our business knowing this and other glass lifters are available for hire from Kennards Hire Lift & Shift,” Scott added.

    “Additionally, with Kennards Hire having 24/7 support it adds greatly to convenience. And the service we receive is always first class.”

    Kennards Hire Lift & Shift has the largest fleet of 12v glass crane rigs, in-line glass lifters, mobile glass machines to 900kg, and A-frame trollies available in the hire industry.  To discover the complete range visit

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.