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    Kennards Hire making life easier on The Block season 13

    Published on 18 September 2017, Monday, 6:37 PM

    We've been watching The Block for over 14 years. It's such a staple of Australian TV that it's truly difficult to imagine not tuning in every night. With season 13 already underway, Scott Cam is back in your living room hosting this classic, high-stakes competition.

    There's a lot on the line in this 13th season, with a new project this year that's sure to require a huge amount of work from the contestants. Luckily for these busy teams, Kennards Hire will be making their job easier as the official supplier of all the tools and equipment for season 13.

    The Block season 13 is underway right now!

    The Block season 13 is underway right now!

    What's happening on The Block in 2017?

    You're already familiar with how The Block works; five teams compete against one another to complete a renovation project which is then sold at auction, the winner determined by the highest selling price. This time around, the competition is taking place on a previously vacant plot of land in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick. The premise this year is that five heritage weatherboard houses will be relocated to the Elsternwick plot where each team will need to renovate one of the houses - the first time a full house renovation has been featured on The Block since season six.

    This time around the teams will also be extending each house. The houses will receive new features and the extensions look to add more open spaces as well as a master suite.

    It's not just the houses this year's teams will be working on though. Each house in the new subdivision will be on a 470 square metre block and contestants are also required to develop an outdoor entertainment space. Each house is also set to include a three car garage and self contained studio apartment.

    With these amazing properties being developed in such a fantastic location, there's sure to be some massive bids come the end of the season.

    Who do you think will top the competition this year?

    Who do you think will top the competition this year?

    Kennards Hire providing the right tools for the job

    One thing the 2017 contestants on The Block don't need to worry about is having the best equipment to complete every job. As Kennards Hire will be supplying the tools, every team will have solid, reliable equipment. From power drills and circular saws to scissor lifts and diggers, Kennards Hire will be providing it all, and we'll be watching eagerly to see who comes out on top. Check out The Block on Nine from Sunday to Wednesday nights. To enquire about any of the equipment you see on the show, contact us to find out how you can get your hands on one.

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    Nathan Mills
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