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    Ladder and lift safety tips

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 12:03 AM

    With many people beginning to prepare their homes for the winter blasts, safety around ladders, lifts and cherry pickers may be a concern.

    Here are some tips to ensure you are kept safe whether cleaning out your gutters, washing your windows or painting the roof.

    Follow the manufacturer's warnings

    When you hire this kind of specialised equipment, there is no doubt you would have checked to ensure it meets the Australian standard, but it is also important to be aware of any relevant safety warnings and instructions.

    If in doubt, ask the team before you hire to make sure it is the right height for the job in mind and has no missing parts.

    A ladder should have non-slip feet and be free from rust or corrosion. 

    When you use any of this kind of equipment make sure it is placed on firm, level footing and that it is securely locked and braced into place before you begin your ascent.

    This means being careful around trenches, manholes and in soft level conditions.

    Ensure there is no electrical wiring or power lines near the location you are attempting the job.

    This kind of work should be postponed if there is a storm or conditions are rainy or windy as it could be too dangerous.

    Safety tips for climbing up ladders

    If you are planning on climbing up a ladder, ensure you are wearing enclosed slip-resistant shoes and you have a spotter at the base of the ladder.

    Climb up in the centre of the ladder, while holding it with both hands. Any tools you require should be placed in a tool belt.

    How to stay safe when working on a ladder

    Once you have scaled the ladder, it is important to ensure you always hold on with one hand when working to prevent an accident.

    Always stay within arm's reach of the ladder. If you need to, climb down and reposition the ladder rather than trying to stretch to reach the gutter. Overreaching could cause you to lose balance, leading to harm.

    Additional safety tips for scissor lifts and cherry pickers

    If there is a risk of falling, you must ensure an appropriate safety harness system is used. This needs to be securely attached to a certified anchorage point within the unit.

    Ensure the lift has effective toe boards and guard rails and make sure any falling objects can't hit those below.

    Don't use the handrails to support any loads if you are using the lift to install materials.

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