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    Lawn aeration for dry grass

    Published on 30 January 2019, Wednesday, 5:45 AM

    If your turf-grass has taken a turn for the worse and looks severely dehydrated, it may mean you need to carry out some lawn aeration as part of your next garden landscaping project.

    Lawn aeration is required when water doesn't penetrate through the soil surface of turf-grass. This can be more common with clay soils and lawn which receive a lot of foot traffic and can become compacted over time.

    To evaluate whether your lawn needs aeration cut a small square of grass about six inches deep. If the grass roots don't extend more than two inches down, your lawn could be in need of aerating.

    To prepare your lawn for aeration, water the grass thoroughly one to two days prior.

    A mechanical core aerator is the best equipment for the job and can be hired from most garden centres.

    Run the core aerator over the lawn in a pattern that will ensure every area is covered - but only once!

    The final step of the job is to apply compost or sand over the holes made by the core aerator. This is also the ideal time to put grass seed and fertiliser on the lawn.

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