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    Major projects to see less red tape

    Published on 21 February 2019, Thursday, 1:12 AM

    Premier Denis Napthine has introduced streamlining processes and red tape removal proposals for major Victorian projects in an announcement made earlier this week on June 11.

    The proposed legislation will aim to enable early works like drain relocation and gas pipe changes before major tunnelling or construction works start, as well as bringing the impact assessment process up to scratch by making it a risk-based assessment as per the changes in the Environment Effects Act.

    The legislation will target statutory timeframes with a mind to shortening the process, and simplify administrative processes, removing the need for unnecessary internal admin tasks.

    Finally the proposals will aim to increase project flexibility. This could mean more reasonable variations in project designs to be considered during the approvals process, such as the EastLink case.

    Mr Napthine wanted to show the commitment to the construction process and infrastructure work inherent in the proposals, saying that such work was essential to Australia's economic future and liveability.

    "This is not about removing the level of rigour that is applied to major projects, it's about ensuring that processes occur in a streamlined way," he said.

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