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    More premixed concrete production could signal better building industry

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 5:37 AM

    Tradies all over Australia may be pleased to know that signs are emerging that the country's construction industry may be coming back, according to a measurement of premixed concrete production from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

    A recent snapshot of premixed concrete production levels shows that companies produced more of the material in August than they did in the same period last year. Last month, producers made 2.45 million cubic meters of concrete, compared to the 2.43 cubic meters produced in August 2012.

    Last month, companies produced the most premixed concrete since May, and it was the second best month for concrete production so far in 2013.

    All this bodes well for anyone who works in the construction industry, or whose career depends on demand for skilled labour. As the need for concrete picks up, it could lead to higher demand for large equipment and machinery necessary for building and infrastructure construction.

    Kennards Hire has all the products tradies need to prepare for higher need for their services, ranging from air compressors and related tools to landscaping and gardening equipment.

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