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    New boom lifts hired for West Gate Bridge work

    Published on 22 January 2019, Tuesday, 3:51 PM

    Security lighting was installed around the piers of the West Gate Bridge with the help of three new boom lifts from Kennards Hire.

    Gordon McKay, a leading Melbourne electrical, data communications and maintenance contractor, carried out the work for the West Gate Bridge Strengthening Alliance, made up of VicRoads, John Holland, SKM and Flint Neill.

    The 2.56km West Gate Bridge, which is twice as long as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, was designed to carry vehicles of up to 25 tonnes, but is now used by B-Doubles up to 68 tonne. The initial 40,000 vehicle crossings a day has grown to 160,000.

    As part of VicRoads’ $1.39 billion M1 upgrade, the bridge has been strengthened to carry five traffic lanes in each direction, with new safety barriers installed to improve security and increase public safety.

    A 14.02m (46ft) straight boom and two 13.72m (45ft) knuckle booms were used to install the security lighting and a cable ladder on the piers.

    Gordon McKay supervisor, Pat Houlihan, said the decision to hire the machines from Kennards was based on availability, price and service.

    “They were able to deliver them quickly and anything we asked for was carried out promptly,” he said.

    Kennards has added more than 50 new boom lifts and scissor lifts to its hire fleet of elevating work platforms in Sydney and Melbourne, with a further rollout planned for other states.

    They include diesel-powered 4WD, 20.32m (66ft) straight boom lifts, 18.47m (60ft) knuckle boom lifts and 13.11m (43ft) rough terrain scissor lifts.

    There are also diesel-powered, 4WD, 14.02m (46ft) straight booms, 13.72m (45ft) knuckle booms and 10.31m (34ft) knuckle booms.

    Electric-powered 13.72m (45ft) and 9.14m (30ft) knuckle booms are other new additions.

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