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    New construction methods to be considered in Queensland

    Published on 18 June 2014, Wednesday, 5:59 AM

    The key construction body in Queensland is pushing the state government to review building practices in the north of the state. This long-term strategy is aimed to guide the building industry,

    New strategies being considered include the development and construction of modular housing, according to Master Builders' regional manager Melissa Coulter.

    Modular housing is where all the components are assembled in a factory before being shipped to the building site. At this point they will be joined together to create a finished structure, using equipment such as genie lifts, cherry pickers and mini loaders.

    This diversity will provide more choice for the consumer and bring more construction into the mix, said Ms Coulter.

    She also wants the review to address the high building costs north Queensland is currently facing.

    "Obviously housing affordability has been a big issue in the north, especially due to our cyclone standards and our requirements to make it a little bit more competitive and be more competitive in the market, that's something we'd be looking towards," she said.

    This will be great for consumers and builders alike, as the construction industry may be booming before we know it.

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