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    New guidelines for Victorian tradies

    Published on 25 January 2019, Friday, 5:16 AM

    Tradies in Victoria will need to be aware of the new construction and building industry guidelines which came into effect last week (July 1).

    The tough regulations, which are designed to boost productivity and investment in the sector, apply to those tendering public sector projects in the state.

    Victorian minister for finance Robert Clark said the introduced rules were a result of the federal government's "watered down national guidelines".

    Under the new regulations, tenders for major projects will be required to submit detailed plans of their approach to a range of issues, including safety and management, prohibit pressure to make over-award payments and eliminate all illegal industrial action.

    "The new guidelines to the Victorian Code of Practice for the building and construction industry will help to deliver value for money for the state's infrastructure projects, eliminate unlawful activity on construction sites and promote a safe and productive culture across the industry," explained Mr Clark.

    Mr Clark commented: "The guidelines will require tenderers for public sector work in Victoria to commit to compliance with the law, productivity, safety and freedom of association."

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