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    New portable heater for hire

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 11:26 AM

    Kennards Hire has introduced a smaller version of the popular 240V, diesel-powered, infrared heater.

    Like the larger model, the new unit is suitable for use in factories, workshops, showrooms and on construction sites, where it can warm large spaces without emitting a kerosene smell.

    However, the new heater also has extra advantages in having a fan to force out the heat, and weighing just 19kg, is ultra-portable.

    Both are produced by the same manufacturer.

    The smaller model puts out 51,800btu per hour, and, with a 10 litre tank, runs for 6 ½ hours before needing to be refuelled.

    Comparatively, the larger unit has an output of 111,000btu per hour, and the 35 litre tank allows continuous operation for up to 13 hours.

    Space heating of large environments has been revolutionised by the introduction of these 240V, diesel-powered, infrared heaters.

    They heat spaces that would otherwise be uneconomical to heat. They are highly fuel efficient, with start-up taking just seconds and peak efficiency reached in less than a minute.

    Infrared heaters work on the same principle as the sun, heating the people and objects the light touches rather than heating the air.

    Heat is generated by infrared rays that travel at the speed of light, producing a highly efficient and low cost source of warmth.

    The range also includes electric, infrared heaters and LPG-powered area heaters, mushroom heaters and patio heaters.

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