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    New South Wales has planning system to thank for increased development

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 5:22 AM

    The current boom in NSW's infrastructure, transport and development projects has seen many new ventures come to life. These include Sydney's Light Rail Project, Newcastle 2030 and Westconnex.

    The force driving this boom is most likely the new planning system for NSW, which places an increased focus on essential infrastructure.

    The Newcastle 2030 plan will be discussed by Newcastle Lord Mayor Jeff McCloy at the NSW Major Projects Conference. The aim of the plan is to turn Newcastle into a sustainable, smart and liveable city.

    Mr McCloy states that there's been real progress toward changing Newcastle's reputation since the plan was endorsed two years ago.

    Sydney's Light Rail Project will also be discussed at the conference, this time by Jeff Goodling. Mr Goodling is the Project Manager for Light Rail at Transport NSW. The project is subject to planning approvals, but work is aimed to get underway in 2014.

    WestConnex is a major infrastructure project by the NSW Government, and will link Sydney's west and south-west with the airport, Port Botany and centre city. The Federal Government needs to commit $1.5 billion in funding over four years, and the remaining $8.5 billion will come from the private sector via tolls.

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