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    OHS draft strategy now open for public comment

    Published on 22 January 2019, Tuesday, 11:01 PM

    It is certain that some employee groups face greater workplace risk than others because of various locational, organisational and operational requirements.

    According to figures from 2009-10 published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the highest rates of workplace injuries were found among the blue collar occupation groups - labourers, machinery operators, technicians and trades workers.

    However the incidence of injury can be reduced and measures taken to raise the importance of OHS best practise.

    With this in mind, the Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022 has been declared open for public comment (March 26), and Safe Work Australia (SWA) is encouraging worker and employer groups to get involved with its development.

    The document establishes "clear and achievable targets and priorities for the progression of work health and safety in Australia".

    The public comment period will end on May 21, and SWA chair Tom Phillips is urging all Australians to be aware of the Strategy and its development, as it will affect the working lives of people in the industry country-wide.

    "Safe Work Australia is seeking your views to develop a practical, overarching strategy with targets that all Australian workplaces can and should aspire to achieve," he said.

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