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    Operating dumpers safely on construction sites

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 1:30 AM

    The operation of dumpers has been proven to be a high risk activity, states the Health and Safety Executive of England, and therefore requires a strong level of attention and knowledge to prevent injuries on construction sites.

    An excellent piece of machinery to hire for moving or "dumping" materials into place, this is used on all sorts of sites due to its versatility. However, there are many important points to note about these to ensure they are being used as safely and efficiently as possible.

    • They should only be operated by a skilled and competent driver - one who holds the correct certification.
    • Never overfill the dumper, as this could affect the stability of the machine or cause the contents to tip out.
    • Only use it to transport materials such as small rocks and dirt. They are not suitable to hold piping or other solid materials.
    • Wear the appropriate safety gear at all times, such as high-visibility jackets and ear defenders.
    • make sure that the contents are easily distributed within the dumper, and they aren't so high they affect visibility of the driver.
    • When stationary, turn off the engine, ensure the brake is on and remove the key.
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