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    Organise your garden in the best way possible

    Published on 10 May 2016, Tuesday, 12:32 AM

    The seasons across Australia change dramatically - summer is a scorching period that brings in crowds of tourists, while in some places, winter can be full of rain and humidity. That means plants and garden spaces need to be hardy enough to handle all of these potential temperature discrepancies and still appeal to you in the exact ways you want.

    Planning the perfect garden space can be a real challenge - but there are a lot of ways you can ensure you only have to do this once. After that, if you do it right, the only time you'll be out in the garden is to prune it back and sit while enjoying your beautiful creation! A cold beer or wine in hand, surrounded by friends and family, in your very own garden paradise - that's a real dream.

    It will take some garden maintenance to get there, however. Below is a selection of helpful tips and tricks about how to organise your garden and what plants to include depending on where you are in our amazing country. Read on, you might be surprised by what you learn.

    What will you new garden design end up looking like?What will you new garden design end up looking like?

    The perfect layout to suit your needs

    Before you start running around and digging your existing garden up with a one-tonne mini excavator from Kennards Hire, you'll need to plan exactly what you want in your yard. It might end up being that some parts of the current layout remain, and it'll just be extra work to replace if you've taken it all out in a frenzy of petrol-powered garden rampage.

    Your garden style is the best place to start here. Look around your home and see what appeals to you, then decide whether you want an open outdoor area so you can see the amazing views surrounding you, or a closed-off patch of land that offers privacy and safety. Both are easy to achieve, it just depends on the style you feel most comfortable with. Your style may also be impacted by how you want your outdoor spaces to be used - are you after an entertaining hub, a quiet place to escape or a lovely aesthetic addition to your already beautiful home?

    Are you after an entertaining hub, a quiet place to escape or a lovely aesthetic addition?

    If you want easy access to entertaining from your home, it might be better to keep the central area of the yard closer to the house. That way, you can be close to the kitchen (and the fridge with all of your cold drinks) so keeping stocks outside doesn't have to be a marathon. A more minimalist style for an on-property escape might call for cleverly placed screens or hedges so you aren't in full view all the time. That can help you to really get away from the hassles of a busy life.

    In an Australian Psychological Society report on Stress and Wellbeing, 46 per cent of Australians use doing something relaxing as a way to manage stress. Having a tranquil garden to put your feet up in, surrounded by the magic of nature and a whole heap of peaceful silence could be your favourite new way to keep stress at bay.

    Houzz suggests the next step in your design process is incorporating shapes into your space - this could include the lines you use and any shapes that are included; be that in walls or decked areas or the plants themselves. An electric hedge trimmer is a great way to cut things to size and shape, and experimenting with a plant you're definitely removing could open you up to some cool new ideas!

    Hedges are a hardy and easy addition to any great garden.Hedges are a hardy and an easy addition to any great garden.

    The last step before you get onto choosing the perfect planting plan for your updated feature garden space is making sure it all fits in together, and connecting all of the regions you've created. Having easy access across grassed patches with pavers and a path, or through garden beds, will make moving around your yard so much more pleasant. This will be especially true in the wet months.

    Now onto the planting!

    To help you make the most informed decision about the best kind of plants for your new garden, we've chosen three very different regions where certain plants will thrive:

    Western Australia

    Bellissimo is a fantastic option for those on the west coast - this plant produces beautiful bell-shaped flowers and is perfect for well-draining soils, but adapts to most conditions pretty easily. Perfect for being in the sun, this will really brighten up your garden like nothing else.


    An incredible plant for the Victorian climate, particularly in winter, is called Blush, and is a dwarf Nandina variant. It produces amazing red leaves in both spring and autumn, and prefers heavier soil types as found in the state. It also requires only sun to moderate shade all year round, so is a low-maintenance, hardy planting option.

    South Queensland

    Blue Gem is a lovely shrub that is perfect for the southern Queensland climate - it produces purple-blue flowers and can be in sandy soil while needing full sun to light shade in order to flourish. You'll love having this in your garden, if only for the beautiful appearance of the flowers it produces!

    How will colour be incorporated into your dream garden?How will colour be incorporated into your dream garden?

    There are plenty of things for you to think about when planning your new garden - contact Kennards Hire to talk about the equipment hire options that would best suit your needs.

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