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    Packing Pallets for KidsCan

    Published on 7 November 2018, Wednesday, 7:19 AM

    With a history of supporting children’s charities and local communities, a team of Kennards Hire volunteers recently downed tools and showed their 'One Family' value at work, lending a hand packing supplies for the KidsCan's Food for Kids programme.

    More than 135,000 children in New Zealand are living in hardship and, since 2005, KidsCan have been helping less fortunate Kiwi kids meet their physical and nutritional needs. One of these programmes includes the provision of a range of staple foods and snacks such as bread, yoghurt, baked beans, marmite and snack bars to more than 30,000 students in low decile schools across 16 regions in New Zealand.

    At the beginning of the school term, Kennards Hire volunteers headed to the KidsCan warehouse in Albany, Auckland to muck in and pack more than 130 pallets of food and supplies, setting them up for delivery to some of KidsCan's 732 partner schools.


    Nigel Annear, New Zealand Northern Area Manager, said that working with KidsCan was an honour, emphasising how important supporting local community projects are to Kennards Hire.

    “It is extremely important to Kennards Hire and our team to help the wider community, especially when it comes to initiatives as meaningful as this. Giving some of these kids a decent meal at school is sometimes the only meal they get that day,” said Nigel.

    “Proper nutrition is absolutely integral for young children. The programme has had a remarkable effect on improving student’s learning ability and concentration levels at school, and it’s great that our team have the opportunity to help the future of our country be in the best possible position to succeed.”

    Julie Chapman, CEO of KidsCan, said the organisation is very grateful for Kennards Hire’s support and to be working with a business that shares similar values.

    “At KidsCan, it’s our mission to provide food, clothing and basic healthcare in schools to enable children in need the opportunity to be more engaged in their education and reach their full potential. Having Kennards Hire support our cause means that we can continue working to prevent children in hardship from becoming adults in hardship, giving them the start in life they deserve,” said Julie.

    Kennards Hire is proud to partner with KidsCan, one of the charities supported through the Kennards Hire Foundation. Watch out for a brand new local schools programme to be launched early 2019.  

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