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    Painting techniques: Colour washing

    Published on 15 January 2019, Tuesday, 6:48 AM

    Faux painting techniques have become increasingly popular amongst the DIY community, and offer an alternative to covering a room or wall in a single block colour.

    The technique of colour washing can add light and texture to a wall, energising the room by making it look and feel more dynamic.

    To achieve this look, a thin glaze (or water-based wash) is applied over a base coat of paint to create an effect of subtle layers of colour.

    You may wish to perfect your technique on smaller pieces of board before attempting an entire wall.

    Once you are confident enough, mask off the ceiling, floor and surrounding walls like you would for any other DIY painting project.

    Apply the base coat - the brighter of the two colours you wish to use - and let dry for at least four hours.

    To create the topcoat, mix one part paint - preferably a satin latex variety, as this will provide a smoother finish - with five parts glazing liquid.

    The topcoat can be applied with either a rag - in a circular motion for a cloudier look - or a dry brush, ensuring that any excess mixture is wiped off with paper towel before applying to the walls.

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