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    Perfect DIY projects for enjoying a cold drink

    Published on 29 March 2016, Tuesday, 4:15 AM

    Australian families love to sit around with a nice cold beer or wine and really relax into an evening with friends and loved ones.

    Here at Kennards Hire, we appreciate that, and so we though we'd give you some inspiration for DIY projects that will not only make your backyards sparkle with a unique charm, but also make popping open a cold beer or storing wine a little bit more accessible.

    The coolest table in town

    Ice buckets tend to look pretty clunky, and they can get in the way. This project is a fantastic solution to your troubles.

    The beer production industry in the country is worth $4 billion in revenue every year.

    Take a regular outdoor table - it's useful and very functional, right? But you could use it for much more than just eating off. Why not create some in-built ice buckets right in the centre of the table that you can store drinks in? They'll be right at the centre of the party, and add something of a talking point to any barbeque. Perfect for those hot Aussie nights and cracking open a cold beer with mates.

    All you need for this easy project is a table that you're happy to modify, a sabre saw to make the cuts and two buckets that will slide right into the holes you've made. If you want some added support under the buckets then simply screw in a wooden bracket around them.

    Fill with ice and beer, then call your friends!

    An outdoor wine bench made easy

    Pallets are extremely useful in DIY projects, and you'll only need two for this bench, as well as an electric screwdriver to connect them together and to the wall. That will allow sufficient support for the cool concrete block that sits atop the wooden support, acting as a stylish bench top.

    You can even paint the wood and concrete to match your outdoor style, and once complete, the wine bench will look amazing with an ice bucket, decanter or glasses sitting in their rightful places - within reach of your parties.

    In 2012/13, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that there were 1.75 million tonnes of wine grapes crushed, so clearly Australians take their drinks seriously.

    These two projects would be a walk in the park to complete over a weekend, and Kennards Hire can help you with any tools you might need. Get started this weekend and make the most of the outdoors before the winter months.

    Enjoy your cold drinks outside with these simple projects.Enjoy your cold drinks outside with these simple projects.
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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.