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    Planning proposals to let builders get down to business

    Published on 14 February 2019, Thursday, 8:22 PM

    The Napthine government has released its strategy for reforms to planning zones in Victoria, which is being applauded by the Master Builders' Association.

    The reforms will help to cut red tape in the industry and encourage commercial investments, stimulating activity in the building sector.

    Master Builders' executive director Brian Welch said: "Construction jobs will be supported by these reforms, allowing our industry to be better placed to build the offices, retail centres, bulky goods zones and workplaces that will provide long-term employment opportunities for all Victorians."

    "There has been a significant downturn in commercial building activity in recent years, which has not been helped by our suffocating planning laws," added Mr Welch.

    This is seen in statistics that show that from 2008 until 2012, the value of commercial building permits dropped by slightly over a third (34 per cent), according to Victoria's Building Commission.

    With the construction and manufacturing sectors making up Victoria's two largest suppliers of full-time jobs, further building in the area will likely mean more job opportunities for tradesmen.

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    Nathan Mills
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