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    Plants to cool the summer heat

    Published on 7 January 2019, Monday, 4:18 AM

    Can plants help to reduce severe heat temperatures in the city? That's what scientists at Monash University and the University of Melbourne are trying to figure out, as the city endures another heatwave.

    The city is covered in "heat absorbing" surfaces such as concrete and bitumen which store heat and make urban areas warmer than the surrounding countryside, most particularly at night.

    The team of Melburnian researchers are trying to figure out how green infrastructure such as street trees, green roofs and green facades can "interact with urban design" to reduce temperatures.

    "Plants are attractive, natural air conditioners so we should be using them more to cool cities. As well as providing shade, plants also cool cities by evaporating water through their leaves into the atmosphere," said University of Melbourne researcher Dr Nick Williams.

    While plants may act as "natural air conditioners", some varieties can help to relieve the effects of its heat, such as sunburn!

    Embark on a new garden DIY project and get to making some space in your yard for an aloe vera plant.

    The cooling juice of the plant is frequently used on sunburns and is often used in after-sun care products.

    The plant gel is said to be antibacterial and is a popular home treatment. These plants are also pretty easy to look after and maintain.

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