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    Plumbers and builders to benefit from mediation committee training

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 4:20 AM

    As tradespeople offer specialised services, disputes may sometimes arise between the public, clients and contractors which can be hazardous to the operation of their company.

    Each state government offers industry specific mediation services that aim to make the process of dispute resolution easier and provide a satisfactory end result for all parties involved.

    In Queensland, Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committees provide such services and were set up under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009.

    As part of the Newman government's pledge to reduce red tape for industries, the way these committees work will be shaped by a training session being held today.

    Minister for housing and public works Bruce Flegg said that the training for committee members would help the motto of the organisation - accessibility, affordability and timely service - dovetail with the government's pledge to cut down on red tape.

    "This training seminar is a great opportunity for the Committee's referees and mediators to gain new skills, be advised of new legislation and industry practices, while also learning how to work effectively together to deliver well-considered and appropriate decisions for members of the public," Mr Flegg explained.

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