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    Popularity of new home building in SA set to continue

    Published on 18 June 2014, Wednesday, 9:45 AM

    The Housing Industry Association, the voice of Australia's residential building industry, has recently released housing finance data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) illustrating the increase in new dwelling purchases in South Australia during April.

    Owner occupier mortgages for new dwellings increased by 6.1 per cent in April compared to March.

    The first three months of 2014 saw owner occupier loans for the construction or purchase of new dwellings experience a 7.5 per cent increase.

    "Today's set of figures suggest that a solid pipeline of new home building is likely to continue in SA over the next few months at least," commented Robert Harding, HIA executive director, South Australia.

    Harding remarked that it's encouraging to see the growth in both owner occupier mortgages and owner occupier loans for construction or purchase of new dwellings, proving that "the pipeline of new dwelling construction in the state appears to be holding up quite well despite the ending of the elevated grant in December."

    This is is all positive news for construction business owners and workers, with work opportunities expected to continue to climb in the coming months.

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