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    Power up your outdoor wedding this summer

    Published on 10 May 2019, Friday, 5:27 AM

    Those planning an outdoor wedding are in for a treat - marquees, canopies and tents make for some truly breathtaking venues. There is, however, the small issue of powering up the great outdoors. This is where generators come in to save the day!

    Generators come in many different sizes and with different power capacities, meaning no matter how much energy you need to generate, there'll be an option to suit your requirements. A portable generator is the perfect choice to keep the power going - and remember it's always better to overestimate your requirements than underestimate and be caught short on the day!

    Start off by thinking about lighting. Any outdoor events taking place in the evening will require lighting of some sort, whether it's twinkling fairy lights, festoon bulbs or more traditional lamps. Often this lighting will be hired and may require power from an external source, which is where a generator will come in.

    Not only will it be useful for lighting, but also for your music and sound system on the day. What's a wedding without dancing? Whether you opt for a live band or a simple iPod and speaker setup, you'll need heavy duty power to keep the sweet sounds drifting over crowds for the whole event.

    If the ceremony itself is outside, you may need to amplify the proceedings in order for them to be heard by everyone in attendance. Chirping birds, other animals, gusty wind and traffic noises can all impede how well guests hear you take your vows, so your celebrant may require a microphone in order to transmit the event to everyone. This, and the speakers the audio is emitted from, may be able to be powered by the humble generator.

    Remote nuptials, or those not near a building with suitable cooking facilities, may be tricky to navigate for caterers trying to cook food to feed the masses. Generators can provide the adequate energy to allow portable stoves and cookers to heat up, so there'll be no grumbling tummies at your outdoor celebration.

    Once you've got your power sorted, don't forget to think about those additional issues that can crop up when hosting events outside. Provide insect repellants for guests to ward off pesky mosquitoes and consider outdoor heaters for when the weather cools down. Alternatively, a few cosy blankets scattered throughout the venue is a thoughtful touch that chilly guests are bounds to appreciate.

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    Nathan Mills
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