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    Property expert reveals top mistakes to avoid when renovating

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 6:14 AM

    A leading real estate analyst has revealed his top tips for DIY homeowners to consider when renovating their homes.

    Writing for independent news website Property Observer, Patrick Bright has outlined several common mistakes to avoid.

    "Over the years I’ve noticed several common traps that renovators fall into ... There are numerous pitfalls that can eat into your bottom line and destroy your confidence," he explained.

    A lack of research tops the list, with Bright claiming that "every one of the following mistakes can be avoided by doing research".

    Time, effort and dedication are the key factors for Bright when it comes to renovating and can assist homeowners in avoiding the pitfalls of inaccurately costing a renovation or over-estimating a property's worth after the renovations are completed.

    Another common mistake made by DIY homeowners is not renovating for potential buyers in the future.

    "If you're renovating your own home it's all about pleasing yourself, however when you're renovating for profit it's about appealing to the target market - tenants and buyers," Bright stated.

    While many aspects of a home will come down to personal taste, Bright suggests a "conservative, neutral but classy decor" in order to please the largest audience possible.

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