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    Protecting your hearing on site

    Published on 15 February 2019, Friday, 2:24 AM

    Working on a construction site can pose a number of dangers to your health and safety, which is why it is absolutely vital that you make your safety a priority.

    Western Australia's WorkSafe says that noise at the workplace is the major cause of noise-induced hearing loss in the state.

    "Noise can also create stress, and can be a safety hazard at work, interfering with communication, acting as a distraction and making warnings harder to hear," WA's Department of Commerce states.

    Everyday construction tasks such as concrete cutting, drilling and digging with electric breakers can all have damaging effects on your hearing over time, so make sure to put safety measures in place to reduce this.

    Use ear muffs or ear plugs on site for these kind of tasks, as it can dramatically reduce or completely eliminate the noise.

    If you work with concrete, operating machinery such as concrete grinders may also require the use of earplugs, as well as walk behind and hand held saws, shot blasters and floor scrapers.

    When browsing Kennards Concrete Care website, you'll find small symbols under each piece of equipment advising the safety gear to wear during its operation.

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